The stock corporation XBTex Global Services S.A. is a worldwide operating service provider in the secondary industry of the blockchain world.


The vision of XBTex Global Services S.A. is to build a comprehensive portfolio in the areas of "Market Access" and "Daily Application of Blockchain Technology".


The XBTex platform will utilize the BEX token, which acts as a means of payment for the offered services, right up to the blockchain based infrastructure of the corporate structure. The crypto ecosystem determines all strategic and operational processes.


Faced with a number of possible applications, the founders of XBTex Global Services S.A. decided it was important to make blockchain technology socially acceptable. New technologies offer opportunities, but also risks and often remain foreign to the majority of people unless adopted by the mainstream. What opportunities does Blockchain offer? What are the advantages? Can it be integrated into everyday life?


When it comes to the applicability of this still young technology the best approach is to create a company with the capabilities to adopt and use this technology as soon as possible. Technologies evolve at a fast pace, therefore it is essential that our business decisions and processes are informed and influenced by our direct involvement with blockchain technology and its community.

A new society with decentralized and automated structures, a society with intelligent technology, a society that governs itself - is such a society possible? Or does it, at least during the transitional phase, require an authority to take the lead and educate its users? We aim to tackle and solve these issues with our company.