What is XBTex

We’ve built a platform
to buy and sell cryptocurrencies easy and anonymously.

Margin Trading, ATM Support, Premium Accounts, User 2 User Trades, Auctions, Fee Reduction Tools, Copy Trading, Community released Trading Ideas, 24/7 Support and much more!

On a long term goal, we plan to have more than 500 supported cryptocurrencies on XBTex. But only those that support our XBTex Safety Rules in order to protect us and our investors. But what makes us really special?

Trading via App (iOS and Android) in Realtime - Reduced Trading Fees with XBTex Prime - Advanced features never seen in the segment - Network of supported Crypto ATM's

Why is XBTex better than competitors?

Competitive Advantage

We are proud to introduce XBTex as an Exchange with a lot of licenses and local support.

Worldwide Operations

Register from anywhere in the world and use our VPN services to protect your privacy.


We are aiming to have a lot influence in different areas. If you are intrested in a partnership, just message us!


Our Platform is huge, you can access it the way you prefer, mobile or desktop PC, no problem.


Pre-Sale & Values

The Token of XBTex is called "BEX" short for "Bitcoin Exchange". Our Pre-Sale starts at the 10th March 2019 and ends when all 20 Million BEX are sold or latest at the 10th. June 2019. After the Pre-Sale and a short pause, the ICO will be started.

Start Pre-Sale

March 10, 2018 (12:00AM GMT)

Amount of tokens for sale

20,000,000 BEX (Pre-Sale)


June 10, 2019 (12:00AM GMT)

Tokens exchange rate Pre-Sale

Round 1: $0.05 - Round 2: $0.1

Acceptable currencies


Minimum purchase amount

500 BEX

ICO will start in

Initial Token Distribution

chart Numbers


The Timeline

With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.


Introducing: XBTex Prime

XBTex Prime is our subscription model. There are so called tiers, and they start fairly priced so that everyone can get XBTex Prime features! Prices are per month and can be canceled any time. Even more benefits for XBTex Prime users are planned for the future.

In order to activate your Prime Account, you simply need to reserve (hold) a specific amount of BEX on your XBTex account. Those funds will be locked and enable your Prime account. Prime features that will be available shortly after launch:

  • Reduced Trading Fees
  • Higher Shares in Social Trading
  • Reduced Fees at our ATM's
  • Free VPN Access
  • Professional weekly trading analyzes
Our Team

The Core Team

The XBTex Team is a mix of cryptocurrency veterans, business professionals and marketing specialists.

President & Legal

David Waser

President & Legal

David Ricardo Olmos Waser, President (CEO) of

David operates a few companies in Panama, where he could gain experience in leadership, planning and organization. Due to his companies he gained a good network in latin america but also worldwide. Since 2015 David is also active in the politics of Panama and supports the future of his country by his own hands.

Vice President

Kaan Hamarat

Vice President

After several projects where he worked as the Marketing Manager, and next to his normal daily job at the german army, Kaan decided to found his own cryptocurrency in 2017 with a team he built.

ALQO Coin has reached it’s peak in late 2017 / early 2018 and had a total market cap of 60 Million U.S. Dollars. In mid 2018, after some internal disagreements, he left Alqo and decided to found XBTex. Since January 2019 Kaan works full time on XBTex.

Human Resources

Christian Baas

Human Resources

Christian Baas, CHRO and Co-founder of

He brings a worldwide network into the company with his many years of experience in personnel management and sales. As an Affiliate Manager he has worked on various projects and supported more than 150+ partners. He gained his first experience in the crypto segment in 2016.

Head of Finance

Alexander Schuster

Head of Finance

Alexander Schuster, CFO and co-founder of

After completing his commercial training, he went on to study business administration with a focus on tax law, auditing and controlling. He gained further experience in management positions in the commercial departments of two large industrial companies in germany. Alexander has been working in financial services and consulting for about 15 years and joined the crypto segment in early 2017.

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Head of Sales

Anthony Marinovic

Head of Sales

Anthony Marinovic, Head of Sales of

Anthony studied Law and Economics in the University of Mannheim but left early in order to build his own Real Estate Company. After several successful years he decided to move next into the segment of crypto. His general interest in crypto begun 2014 when he bought his first Bitcoin. He was also one of the early investors in Ethereum 2015.

Board Advisor

Dorian Marinovic

Board Advisor

Dorian Marinovic, Board Advisor.

Dorian, the younger brother of Anthony is also a shareholder of his brothers real estate company. Together with Anthony they built a huge community for this segment and paired them with other services such as arranging loans for real estates. Same as Anthony, Dorian invested into the Ethereum ICO in 2015 when his personal interest into cryptocurrencies and crypto in general begun.

Graphic & Digital Designer

Brian Lammas

Graphic & Digital Designer

Brian Lammas, Graphic & Digital Designer of XBTex.

Brian works as a designer since more than 15 years now and provided his skills to global players in different segments. He joined crypto in 2015 and in 2017 he met Kaan before he established Alqo. After becoming friends Brian decided to join the crew in order to make XBTex look better than any other Cryptocurrency Exchange.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below we’ve provided some of the most frequently asked questions and answers. Feel free to ask more questions in our social channels.(Telegram or Discord)

What is XBTex?

XBTex is a cryptocurrency exchange that has it's focus on protecting user privacy and the easy accessability into the crypto markets.

What is BEX?

BEX is the Token of XBTex. It can be locked on XBTex in order to receive the XBTex Prime Status.

Where is XBTex located?

The company XBTex Global Services S.A. is located in Panama City, in Panama. The full address: Oficina 32, Financial Park Tower, Costa del Este, Panama City.

What does XBTex and BEX mean?

XBTex is standing for XBT "Bitcoin" and Ex for "Exchange". Our Token is called BEX for "Bitcoin Exchange".

Can United citizens take part in the Crowdsale?

Yes. The XBTex Team is highly projecting that BEX (The Token of XBTex) is not a security and will not offer any revenue share or other implications that BEX could be treated as a security. With that in mind, U.S. Citizens can participate in the BEX Crowdsale, which is in our case only labeled as ICO due to the wording which is simply more popular.

What if the Softcap and Hardcap are or are not reached?

If the XBTex Crowdsale Softcap of 500.000 USD is not reached, we will send back all invested Funds to their respectively owners. If the Hardcap is not reached, non sold Tokens will be burned in a public token burning. If the Hardcap is reached, the XBTex Crowdsale will be over and new investors will no longer be able to participate.

Can I trade BEX on other exchanges?

Purchased BEX will be send out once the Crowdsale is over, so there will be no trading available while the Crowdsale is on going. BEX will be available at several exchanges after the Crowdsale is over. We will have a list of supported exchanges on and in our XBTex APP when they are available.

What is the difference between XBTex and other Cryptocurrency Exchanges?

XBTex offers a variety of features that no other exchange supports. Also on XBTex a User can do much more than only trading cryptocurrencies. Just to name a few: Release Trading Ideas to Public (and get paid for it), Release Trading Portfolios (so that other people can copy them and trade the same assets and values), Release Press Releases, Create Auctions for Cryptocurrencies (i.E. Selling 1000 XBT for a specifi price without having impact on markets) and many more features are yet to be announced.

Why is XBTex economic model sustainable?

We think that with XBTex we fullfill not only the role as an exchange but also as a plattform to exchange information to public. Our model is far more than just a cryptocurrency exchange and once our model is accepted we believe that we will cover a huge market which has yet to be covered.

When will the XBTex App become available?

We will try to publish the trading app as soon as possible, but not before the end of the ICO and not before the regular exchange started.

Can I mine BEX?

BEX is an ERC20 Token and can not be mined.

Where can I buy BEX?

BEX can only be bought on our official website

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